Risk Warning

Trading Forex, Futures, Options or Generally Only Persons and institutions should trade, which may carry any losses incurred. The high profit opportunities are offset by correspondingly high risk of loss. Basically, there is a risk of losing the capital invested. You should only use capital that is not needed for daily living. Previous developments are not an indication of future developments. This was also known to the specified performance.

Our signals, training materials and other publications provide information about the offer or the advertising for sale or sale. Speculation in the foreign exchange market (Forex) should only be made by experienced investors. No information on this website or in our paid offers of financial advice. Ggfl. You should consult a financial adviser or seek advice from your bank. There can be no assurance that any trading account will be used for all such emails, publications, etc. All common information is for illustrative purposes only. All trading profits shown are therefore considered hypothetical.

There are other incalculable risks, such as disruption of Internet availability, e-mail delivery or software problems.

By using this website, you accept that all information is created with the greatest possible care and to the best of our conscience. Find information on this website or in our other publications to trade on your own, so bear responsibility yourself.